Steps to Repair a Door Jamb

Door jambs are reinforcements used between the door and the door frames. They provide reinforcements to wooden doors in a way that these doors can be repaired more easily without removing the door frame. They are the attachments on which the door hinges are screwed.

Door Jamb Repair

Damaged door jambs may be a result of break-ins, rotten doors due to bad weather, termite infestation and or as a result of the forced opening. If you are buying a home and realize that the door jambs of your new home require some maintenance or repair works, do not give a freak. It’s a do it yourself process using a few tools such as the circular saw or Worx, rotary saw, jamb saw, wood frames, screws, hammer, PVCs, tape, and screwdrivers.

The following steps can be used more successfully to emergency door repair without doing a full replacement.

Cut out the damaged part of the door jamb

The damaged section of the door jamb could be a few inches long or even less. Using a circular saw, measure the appropriate depth of the jamb to be cut. This helps to restrict the circular saw from cutting the door frame and the inner parts of the wood. Cut the jamb along the damaged area carefully. Use a rotary saw to cut the upper edges until the section can be removed more easily by hand. The wood can also be knocked out gently using a hammer to remove it more quickly.

Cut a similar portion of the removed section

If you do not have a new door jamb to do the wooden door repair, you can still use an old timber or plate of wood. Cut the plate into the same size and shape of the section of the door jamb removed. Using the tape, measure the outline of the plate to be cut and use a Worx to get a perfect cut out. Run a plane over the plate to smoothen the wood before it can be nailed on the door jamb section.

Replace the section

Once you have a perfectly fitting newly cut section of the wooden plate, door fix services and be sure that it perfectly fits so that the door can close with much ease without leaving remarkable airspace. You can use the hammer to strike the wood gently into place. Once it is well fitted, use a screwdriver to drive the screws into the plate. Two or more screws can be used depending on the length of the jamb section being repaired or the number of screws removed initially. Longer screws should be used in case the screws have to go through the same screw holes as before.

Paint the door jamb

Once the residential door repair jamb is done, paint the whole door or the repaired section with similar paint so that it looks new again. If you avoid knocking the door jamb door extremely while fixing the section, your door jamb repair and finishes can be as perfect as getting a new door jamb replacement.