Fiberglass doors have, in the recent past, been considered one of the most durable doors. However, they are also subjected to scratches and damages. All these need to be repaired using various solutions and compounds. Whenever these repairs are being conducted, there is always the need to ensure that the doors are correctly done and given smoothest finish.

The repair procedure is straightforward that you imagined. All you need is to get the right products required in repairing any cracks that might be on the door. We give you a guide in this piece on how best you can achieve the most desirable results.

Step 1

The first step involves locating the damage. This usually takes time because fiberglass doors’ damages are hardly visible. You can conduct your assessment by tapping on the door with a hard material. A dull sound is usually an indication that the fiberglass door is damaged.

Step 2

The second step involves cutting out the damaged area on the fiberglass door. This can be done with the aid of a grinder, which will substantially help in cutting the right shapes and sizes. In the long run, the new patches will stick to these.

Step 3

Using a solvent, you will have to clean the holes that have been cut in the door. This will help clear all the dirt and grime that might prevent the bond from being active. You can then proceed to apply paste wax around the hole. This prevents resin from bonding with the door and making it less aesthetically appealing.

Step 4

The next step involves waxing the backer, which provides a stronger surface on which patching can be quickly done.

Step 5

The finish is expected to be smooth to match the rest of the fiberglass on the door. You can now cut the fiberglass fabric. Use epoxy resin to secure the polyester fabric securely. You can now remove the wax backer before sanding the finish to achieve seamlessness.