In all instances, the type of door you are installing dictates the procedure that you ought to follow. Installing any door should be a straightforward procedure as far as you have all the tools required to undertake the task.

The Master Install the Door in the House

The first step indoor installation involves the preparation of the opening in which it is supposed to be installed. It would help if you first got the measurement of the opportunity. Ensure that the size of the door is 2 inches less in width compared to the opening and 2-1/2 inches shorter than the height. These provisions will create room for the door frame.

The process of installation

In the installation process, you will first have to install the six-door bracket tom the door jamb. With the help of a friend, you can lift the door into the opening. This is the time to put shims under the door. This will help in preventing the door from resting on the finished floor. First, push the bottom part of the entry into position. When doing this, the upper part should be facing you. You can then tilt the door into place. Check whether the door is in a position with the location of the hinges. You can then nail the door in place. This will temporarily help you hold the door in position before you screw it at the straps.

Safety precautions

One of the most important things that should not leave your mind is the need to undertake safety precautions. You should dress appropriately for the task. On your head, wear a helmet. On your hands, you should wear rubber gloves. Industrial boots also protect your legs from being pricked when you are working. Keep children away from the door during the repair. You should also remember to wear safety goggles just in case some splitting wood.