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Nobody likes a squeaky door, especially in Brampton!

Old hinges or a blocked roller track. The noise is annoying!

Bad at home but worse if it keeps away your clients.

GTA Door Repair offers door repair services in Brampton. And not just for squeaky doors!


Services of Door Repair
GTA Door Repair has a big reputation for handling massive door repair tasks in Brampton.

Broken glass. Rotten trim or door frames. Break-ins. New doors for renovations. We do it all!

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GTA Door Repair Services

Are you in need of emergency door repair and not sure where to find a reliable company with professional service technicians? Look no more. Our company has experienced service crew and provides damage assessment, repair of damaged door parts, and replacement of doors.

GTA Door Repair services are insured just in case an accident occurs during the service period. However, these accidents are extremely unlikely as our team has been adequately trained to handle emergencies and workplace safety through early preparation and professionalism.

We also give our customers a warranty just in case of a failed repair work. However, our technicians will always maintain high standards and quality workmanship for the best results.

We are proud to offer our customers door repair and replacement for over 10 years. Also, we can offer door repair in Brantford, door repair services in Brock, Burlington door repair. Here you can find our full range of door repair services from our company.

Emergency Door Repair Brampton

Emergencies always pop up with door systems. You could be preparing for a big event, waiting for your guests, or preparing to leave the office.

Our emergency door repair services are available 24 hours a day throughout the week, with an emergency response time of less than half an hour.

Vandalism, break-ins, or even graffiti are possible sources of emergencies if you live in a metropolitan area.

If you are just getting home, opening your business, or about to leave the office and notice that there has been an attempt to break-in, call us immediately at (647) 660- 4077.

Our emergency response team will be at your door immediately to rectify the situation.

24/7 Service
Unlike many of our competitors, we work 24/7, including weekends and holidays, and are always in touch in case something happens with your door. At any time, day or night, you can be sure that GTA Door Repair emergency service will help you.
Great Experience
We have been on the market since 2009 and for 11 years we have put together a team consisting of door repair technicians and door installers with experience in repairing doors of any complexity. Our employees are polite, always answer questions, arrive on time and perform their work efficiently.
Wide Area
We handle all of our clients’ needs in Toronto and all the GTA, including Brampton, Brantford, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Vaughan.
Fast Response
Our experts will come to you on the day when it is most convenient for you, and in case of an emergency situation, within a few hours, depending on your place of residence.
Trusted work
The list of our services includes not only door repair for individuals, we also work with commercial organizations, for example, with shops and private entrepreneurs.
Guarantee service
We provide a guarantee for our services, for the work of our specialist, as well as for the materials that we use. We do not avoid responsibility for our work.

Residential Door Repair Brampton

Your door at home might break, crack, stick or fail to open due. Maybe there is rot or your house key got stuck and broke off in the lock. Maybe the glass on your patio door is broken.

Our technicians provide quality service and have nearly a decade providing residential door repair services in Brampton.

You’ll get a free quote and then we’ll come equipped with the right tools and materials to start instantly.

Call us today at (647) 660- 4077

Commercial Door Repair Brampton

Do you own a commercial building in Brampton? Have you ever experienced a problem with the door? If yes, then you understand how challenging it can be to get a reliable commercial door repair company.

Over the years, we ensure commercial door repairs are precise. We work round the clock as a reliable and skilled workforce.

GTA Door Repair transforms commercial doors into an aesthetically attractive piece for your premise. Make a good first impression on your customers.

Call us today at (647) 660- 4077

Interior and Exterior Door Repair Brampton

Brampton has suffered in the hands of interior and exterior door repair scammers in the recent past. However, GTA Door Repair is your trustworthy alternative.We repair bedroom doors and bathroom doors as well as exterior doors.

For a decade, GTA Door Repair has offered emergency services available to address such problems round the clock.

All our services are insured and materials guaranteed.  Call us today at (647) 660- 4077

Popular Questions
Do you work around the clock?
Yes, we work 24/7 and offer emergency service.
Do you offer emergency door repair?
Yes, we have an emergency door repair. At any time of the day or night, when you need our help, you can count on us. Contact us and your problems will be resolved.
Do you provide commercial door service in my area?
We cover a very large area and have several branches. We work in Toronto and in the suburbs of Toronto, in cities such as Brampton, Brantford, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and all the Greater Toronto Area
Do you provide free estimates?
Of course. We provide free estimates for door repair service to all of our customers and prospects. After a phone call, we can discuss your project with you at your home or office and provide an estimate of the visit. Our estimates includes a proposal at no cost and with no obligation. The price of our services depends on door size, material, intended use and other parameters.
How qualified and trained are your technicians?
Our technicians are always full-time employees - not subcontractors. They are professionally trained by the best in the industry and can repair or service any door system.
What are some of the common sliding door problems?
You may encounter a number of problems with sliding doors, especially if your door is knocked out, old or out of service. One of the most common problems with sliding doors is dirt that gets stuck on the track and builds up. Another common problem with sliding doors is standard wheels and ball bearings, which can quickly become corrosive, and this leads to problems. Call us if you have similar troubles.
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