How Much Is New Sliding Door

Buying a new sliding door with the current high cost of materials is not an easy step. However, the price of a sliding door services in Toronto is, in most cases, influenced by the ordinary features they come with, as well as the extra ones you would like to include.

Sliding Door Services in Toronto

The cost of buying a new sliding door is also dependent on the style, grid, and glass. The price of pre-made sliding doors of about 8-foot width is about 1000 dollars. The pre-hung sliding door versions, which can be installed directly into the wall as a single unit, will cost between 1000 dollars and 4000 dollars. If you live in Brantford and want to know more or have some door issues, you can always turn to Brantford door repair service.

As with other doors, the cost of a new sliding door depends on a variety of factors, which are basically the type of material used on the door. The materials are discussed below.


Aluminum is chosen for  lightweight garage door repair. They are also more durable. However, they are not perfect for energy efficiency. The our aluminum door repair technicians do all the work the fastest.


These are the most expensive door materials of all the available door materials. They are more classic and improves your home aesthetic by giving it a more natural appearance. Their appearances can also be adjusted by painting, and maintenance costs will, therefore, go a little high as a result of the maintenance needed to regulate fading decors. However, if you are in areas where termite infestation could be high. The wood must be treated against insects and even mold and rot. These will increase the cost of installation to some level.


These are a great alternative to wood and steel. Fiberglass works are cheaper than steel door repair services by GTA Door Repair. They can easily be adjusted to mimic wood at affordable prices. They are also more durable and energy-efficient. Like the other materials, the size of fiberglass required, design and décor will greatly affect the price of the material in the market.


Like in french door repair in Toronto, grids can be used to give more elegance to your door. The cost of the sliding door increases with these grid adjustments as it means more labor in the initial manufacture process as well as more material used in making the grids.


When purchasing a new sliding door, it is in order to put the security of your home in the forefront. The door is usually the face of your home and is the very first contact burglars get into when they come to your home. Doors fitted with high-security features such as keypads, lock cylinders, lever handles, knobs, and many others will fetch high market prices as a result of the added hardware.


Polyvinyl materials are much more durable and have low maintenance costs. The door also comes in different styles, is less expensive and readily available.

On the other hand, the price of installing your new sliding door repair services also comes to play as the dimensions of the door, mechanisms, and the material used also affects the cost of door installation in Toronto and thus will add up to the cost of the door.