Door Hinges: Repair Or Replace

Door hinges come in a variety of types and sizes, depending on the intended usage. Door hinges are simple and have just a few parts. Before you know how to handle the different types of door hinges repair, it is best to understand the parts of a hinge.

Replace and repair of Door Hinges

  1. The flat part of the hinge that is screwed into the door and frame is referred to as the leaf. It is the most conspicuous part of the door hinge and also usually used to hold the hinge.
  2. The middle section of the hinge, which allows the door to swing open and close, is referred to as the knuckle. This section is held together by a long piece of cylindrical rod that slides on the inside and is called a pin. The pin keeps the two leaves together, and when it is pulled out, the door can be easily removed from the frame.
  3. The round pieces making up the knuckle and holding up the pin is referred to as sleeves.

Exterior door hinges

Exterior door hinges are exposed to severe weather conditions and should be much stronger than the interior hinges. They include;

Butt Hinges

These hinges are composed of identical leaves. They are attached by curled barrels and are stronger. They can, therefore, stand the heavyweights of steel door repair and fiberglass door repair service. Butt hinges are of different types including:

  1. Lift-joint butt hinges: these hinges have freer center pins and allow for easy door removal by the simple removal of the pin.
  2. Rising butt hinges: these hinges are made particularly for rooms with uneven floors.
  3. Ball-bearing butt hinge: these are hinges made to withstand heavyweights and a preferred for heavy doors.

Case hinge

These are very similar to butt hinges except that they have a more decorative design. They are made in different shapes and sizes and are therefore found in many different home sections and even used in suitcases and briefcases.

Hospital hinge

These door hinges are much shorter than butt hinges and have a rounded machined knuckle.

Strap hinge

These are also known as gate hinges. They are generally shorted but have the longest leaf. The hinge gives your home exterior much more support and makes the door stronger.

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Interior door hinges

Your home interiors have basically much more door hinges than the exterior space. This is because the home interior has more rooms and materials requiring hinges. Interior metal door repair hinges include.

Double action spring

These door hinges allow the door to swing either way and are a common tool in kitchen doors because they cannot handle the heavyweights of exterior doors.

Bi-fold hinge

These door hinges have several pivots points and will allow the door to travel to a greater degree. They are made with multiple leaves of different lengths.

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  1. Use blocks of wood to steady the door. Measure about 11 inches from the bottom of the door and 7 inches from the top. Measure the hinge outlines and cut out the mortise in case the old hinges were wrongly installed.
  2. Compare the hinges and remove one of the old hinges. Mark the location of the screws and drill the pilot holes.
  3. Install individual hinges
  4. Attach the door to the jamb and test the hinges