How to Choose a Door Handle

Door handles come in handy in all exterior and interior doors. Choosing the right door handle is the first step in modeling your home interiors and getting a perfect match with regards to style and home aesthetic appearance. This guide, therefore, considers the durability, style, design, and functionality of your door handle before you settle on one. But you need to remember if you live in Brampton, you can always count on Brampton door repair service.

Door Handle in Toronto

Door lever handle or knob

Choosing between a lever handle and knob is crucial as they have different tastes and gives your door different looks when used. Door knobs have been in use for a particularly long time and have their own sense of style, décor, and longevity. However, they may appear old age, they still have a perfect fit in modern furniture and can be a perfect choice for your interior doors during door installation service in Toronto. These knobs have been modernized and currently come in different styles with diverse usability effects. Lever handles, on the other hand, are more modern and comes with a variety of styles, designs, and décor too. They are, however, more protruding and provides more grip than knobs. Where much more grip and force is required to open the door, door lever handles are much preferred and delivers more than doorknobs. However, the final decision strictly depends on the end-user, preferences, style, type of door, and budget.

The door finish and style

The door finish and style is another factor to consider while choosing a door handle. The architecture of the door, style, and décor will help you decide whether a lever handle or a knob is more conducive and produces a perfect match for your home interiors. Veneered doors, for instance, may be given ash, cherry, ebony, maple, or oak finishes, which can naturally work with different door handles and door knobs depending on the coloring and appearances. Painted doors, on the other hand, can also be adjusted to fit the décor of any available door handle and the architecture of the home interiors. These can provide much more guide on the best choice for door handles during automative door repair in Toronto.


The functionality of the handle and end-user effects should be given some consideration while choosing door handles. Consider the size and weight of the door, how often the door is used, will the door be operated by everyone at home and is the handle friendly to children or the elderly, can everyone get their hands around the knob comfortable and turn it around and many more functionality considerations.

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The shape of the handle

Door handles come in a variety of shapes during door handles repair. From oval to round, angular, classic, and contemporary shapes, they give home exteriors and interiors different levels of texture and appearances. The choice of shape depends on the available décor, whether it fits well with the door, longevity, and preferences of the user.

Other doors in the house

Before you settle on a lever handle or knob, consider the type of handle used in the other doors in your house. You do not want to have a complete mismatch between doors having knobs and those installed with lever handles during door fix in Toronto.